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House Cleaning

Providing one time deep cleaning or recurring house cleaning, we have options that will fit everyone's budget



Commercial Cleaning


Let us help you to maintain a clean and productive office area. Your employees can focus on what you need for your business and keeping the work enviorment spotless is our business. 

Post Construction Cleaning​

Just built your dream home or that new addition? Construction dust can linger in the air for up to three weeks after the final construciton cleaning performed by your contractor. Once the dust settles, have us come in to finish the job that should be done by professional cleaners. 


Carpet and Upolstery Cleaning


Deep-clean your carpets with us and get rid of years of dirt embedded deep within your carpet's fibers. We will treat and remove those stubborn stains and spots that you have looked at for years.

Move In/Out Cleaning 


Need to make sure the landlord doesn't take all or part of your deposit simply because the cleaning wasn't completed to their satisfaction?  We will make it right so you can keep what is yours.

Real Estate Open House

Do you have an open house for a property you know is in the right area, at the right price?  Make the best first impression by providing the cleanest open house on the market.  When the buyer doesn't see the mess, the realtor gets the check!

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Professional Organizing

Over time "stuff" has a way of building up.  Everything has it's place but sometimes we can't get through the clutter to put everything is in its place.  We can come and make order out of the chaos and eliminate the associated anxiety. Its ok if you don't know where to start, we do.  Your first step is to realize there is a way and you don't have to stress out about it. Whether its your office, bedroom, basement, mud room living room or any other space where things can collect, before long you will fall in love with your space again relishing in the beauty of order.   For a free evaluation, contact us today.  We are here to help.

Additional Services

Laundry Wash & Dry


Don't have enough time to spend on the multiple loads of laundry created by a busy family?  We will wash and dry, and even fold your laundry so you can spend time on what's important. 



Inside Cabinets


Believe it or not your cabinets generate a good amount of dust.  You put clean dishes in to cabinets that haven't been cleaning in 6 months and guess what you are eating? Protect your health with a simple cabinet cleaning.


Inside Fridge


The build up in a fridge can get out of hand.  There's always something dripping or spilling, and you know the solution has always been to close the door.  No more sticky pools and crumbs.  We will clean it right. 

Inside Oven


Wouldn't it be great if a self cleaning oven actually cleans itself?  We will make sure the oven is cleaned properly so you can continue to cook the masterful dinners you do.



Interior Walls


The dust in the house can build up ont he walls without you even knowing it.  Take the time to look at the walls or baseboards and see just how much has accumulated. We can fix that in a jiffy.



Interior Windows


Most windows are made to be able to look through. If your view is a bit blurry even with your glasses on, its time to have those windows professionally cleaned. 

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